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Betting system truth sayer

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It is true that a zygote is unique in that it is a germ cell that will start to grow into a separate human being. But the point is that, in terms of its complexity and essence, at conception, a zygote is on the same dimension of complexity as the sperm and egg i. And this is where it gets complicated, which is why few commentators or discussions enter this territory—in this day and age, complicated thought tends to be avoided for sound bites and loudly shouted opinions.

An entity conferred personhood is deemed to be fundamentally different from nonperson things: Persons have rights and freedoms, whereas nonpersons do not. Generally speaking, one can do anything that one likes with rocks, streams, and plants, so long as they do not infringe on the rights and well-being of other people. There is a gray area with nonhuman animals. Nonhuman animals—at least higher animals like birds and mammals—are granted legal protection from cruel treatment; however, they are obviously not granted anywhere near the same protections as persons.

For example, nonhuman animals can be owned, sold, locked up, experimented on and so forth in ways that would be a fundamental affront to the rights of persons. Interestingly, there has been a movement to grant some great apes the legal status of persons , which in turn would fundamentally alter how they were treated. This is a profoundly important question that is answered differently by different worldviews.

The Judeo-Christian worldview provides one such framework. In it, humans exist at a special place on the ladder of creation. Made in the image of God, humans are a unique creature granted a mystical, transcendent soul that enables them to have free will and dominion over the Earth. Human specialness is central to the whole narrative and for many who hold to this worldview, conception provides a sensible point at which a soul is conferred by God. It follows deductively from this position that abortion is the murder of unborn human beings.

This narrative is relatively straightforward and is obviously compelling for many. Folks like Rubio seem to suggest that it works this way. However, there are many angles from which one might offer substantive critiques, both from within a Christian perspective and without. From within a Christian perspective, one can raise basic questions about the nature of a soul and when and how such a soul is imparted. For example, surely it is possible that the human soul resides more in the nervous system than in the DNA.

If so, zygotes that form when sperm meets egg do not have souls. Or consider that in the ancient times when there was zero knowledge about development in utero generally the birth process itself was the demarcation point and it was believed that God imparted the soul when infants took their first breath.

The point here is that although current Christian arguments tend to claim that human beingness is there from the very beginning, there is nothing definitive in Christian teachings that human zygotes or embryos or even fetuses must be thought of as full-fledged, soul-bearing human beings.

It is also important to keep in mind here that the whole concept of a soul is a faith-based concept, and thus folks can essentially have faith that it emerges whenever they intuitively feel like it should. As a secular humanist and agnostic atheist , I believe we should look to science to ground the description of our understanding regarding our natures.

Now a secular scientific worldview such as the one I adopt is quickly confronted by the problem of human exceptionalism. Thus, religious critics argue that the absence of theology means that there are no grounds for treating humans in an exceptional way. This critique has some merit in that it is indeed the case that some secular scientists have argued we are essentially just complicated arrangements of matter and energy.

And other scientists have argued that humans are just another kind of animal that does not warrant special status. A fully functioning human is a unique being that has self-reflective awareness, an explicit sense of self-in-relation-to-other over time, and an awareness of right and wrong.

In the language of the ToK, humans are the only beings that exist at the dimension of Culture capital C culture refers to explicit knowledge systems that guide action and moral reflection and operate on systems of justification. Returning to the abortion debate, if self-reflective awareness and the capacity to justify is a key aspect of human exceptionalism, then it is immediately clear that a zygote or embryo is not a fully functioning person.

Indeed, a potential problem emerges such that the essence of personhood from this perspective emerges much later in development. Even a newborn infant is not a fully functioning person in this sense. And, indeed, I would concede this point and argue that if a newborn infant were the peak of human existence and consciousness, then humans would not be all that special.

Indeed, I would presume that a mature lion like Cecil has a more complex mental life than a newborn human infant. So, according to this logic, should we consider newborns persons in the legal sense? Yes, and the reason is that their status as such is a function of their expected developmental emergence.

In other words, we should consider them developing persons worthy of full rights and protections. Indeed, from the point of conception, the entity can be thought of as a developing person. The point of debate should center then on how much development needs to occur such that the individual has rights that warrant protection. My sense of this leads to me to the position that during the first trimester abortions should be safe and legal and as rare as possible!

Beyond the first trimester, the developing person has developed enough so that legal and moral rights begin to emerge such that protection is now warranted. By the third trimester, the only justification I could see for ending the life of an emerging person at this stage would be that it threatens the life of the mother a fully emerged person. By birth, an infant is afforded the rights of personhood even though he or she is not a fully functioning person.

The bottom line here is that just because human life scientifically starts at conception, it does not mean that the legal and moral status of personhood should start at conception. Our system of laws, however, should not be based on ancient faith-based notions, but clear scientific understanding that leads to an informed, morally workable framework for human exceptionalism and the developmental emergence of personhood.

You just cannot fault these guys, I've never skilled better customer service in my life, and that's a promise! I have eliminated a thread that was emerging that devolved into unproductive attacks and name calling. If a fetus is of no more consequence than a few skin cells on your arm, why do you want abortion to be "rare"? Why shouldn't people have numerous abortions?

In this case, it's the Christian who is stating a simple, scientific fact: that human life begins at conception. It's the secular liberals who are engaging in hair-slitting, philosophical, virtually theological debates as the exact moment at which an embryo becomes a "real" human being. There is no exact momemt from this perspective, as is clearly discussed in terms of emerging, developing personhood.

The tension then is between the emerging, developing person and the rights of the mother and interests of society. If you consider an embryo a "real human being" with full legal rights and moral protections, then would you prosecute a woman who has an abortion as a murder?

To do otherwise only makes us less of a civilized society. Not ending any human life for absolutely unnecessary reasons should be the goal. Making up excuses as to why we can end certain human life is the wrong road to be on. The law of murder is based on the belief that is wrong to end a life without a very good justification.

Why is that? Is it because killing a person takes away their past? Some argue it takes away consciousness, and hence why it is okay to kill the unborn which is also scientifically incorrect but that is another discussion. But once you are dead, consciousnesses is no longer an issue. You don't know your dead, so Plus you lose that every time you go to sleep.

So is murder then okay as long as you are asleep? What makes murder wrong is that it steals away life - i. And once a life has been created, and it will become whatever it does naturally, it is wrong, or at least in a truly civilized society that strives to value life it should be, to end it prematurely without a very good reason.. Unfortunately, that is not the case in our society. People say there is a difference because the unborn is still in the mother.

Well, technically, that body is also the home of the unborn as well now. It no longer belongs to the mother solely, and it should not be her right to eject the other user based on her whimsy. Our society has become weak, and the weakest and most innocent among us are paying the ultimate price. How can we in any light see that as civilized? One more thing - why is adoption not pushed harder and funded much better? Why do the pro-choice people fight against funding for adoption clinics to be placed next to planned parent hood facilities?

It is as if we now live in a culture that encourages abortion, not the opposite. And that is a sad state of affairs. Wonderfully thoughtful as per usual Gregg! One of the best articles I have ever read on the topic. I think comparing skin cells to embryos is ridiculous. They are clearly two different entities. First and foremost, skin cells are a part of a human, where an embryo is it's own human organism.

A skin cell is a part of a whole. An embryo is also a whole human being, just at a very early stage in development. Except this Taking from her, her free will, her human rights, her dignity and much more. No matter what your religious beliefs may be, could you actually expect this woman, to go on to bare the child resulting from this brutal rape?

That through no fault or cause of her own, she would have to be reminded of the worst day of her life by baring a child or even raising a child who could potentially resemble the very face from her nightmares? A living, breathing, reminder of the day she came face to face with pure evil. I believe ignorant people will say she could place the child into adoption but this raises a number of issues with me.

Firstly, child birth is traumatic enough for the women who are readily willing to give life to a being they intend to love and nurture, let alone for the women who have no intention to raise the child they are giving birth to. Can you imagine giving birth to a child who was forced inside of you? Unless you have experienced this you can not deny the implications this can have on a woman psychologically. Secondly, how would you feel if you learned one day that you came into existence because your biological father, brutally beat and raped your biological mother, forcing you to being inside of her as much as he was forcing himself.

Again, until this has happened to you, you can not deny the huge impact this could have on a persons sense of self, sense of purpose, sense of being. Another issue I have with people following through with unwanted pregnancies, stems from what I have seen in the news about children being found abused, neglected, starved and even murdered by their own parents.

I refer to cases such as Baby P and Ellie Butler, where the children were both subjected to unimaginable cruelty, torture and died traumatic and painful deaths. I suppose their mothers both deserve a good hearty pat on the back for going ahead with their pregnancies? These children were living, breathing, human souls, who suffered in the worst way they possibly could at the hands of the two people they were supposedly meant to be cared for and loved by.

It is sad and perhaps preposterous to suggest that these children should have been aborted but that is far less worse than being subjected to a life of unimaginable, inexplicable pain and suffering. There is a significant difference between a woman terminating a pregnancy because she forgot to use contraception and a woman terminating a pregnancy because she was brutally raped and forced into conceiving a seed of hatred.

Every soul is different but it can be made apparent when a soul enters a body because it then begins to exhibit emotions. Human emotion is the souls way of communicating with its body and with others around it. To have emotions is to have soul and to have soul is to be human.

Human empathy is key to inner knowledge and understanding, I hope one day, that more people spend some time in the shoes of others as well as in their own, they might learn a thing or two. Thanks for your comment. I think the situation you speak is tragic, traumatic and RARE.

The VAST majority of abortions are performed on healthy children that were conceived via completely consensual sex. Innocent children are paying for the consensual actions of their parents, and I think there is nothing crueler than that. While abortion is always killing a developing human being. There are some instances in our country where killing is permitted.

One of those instances is in self-defense. I think that an argument can be made that in the instances of rape, because it is SO traumatic, it could be a case of "self-defense". However, I have been sexually violated before myself. It was awful. However, if I ever got pregnant from something like that, I also don't think it's the child's fault, and I would never blame my innocent kids for the actions of their parent.

I can see where this is a grey area. I fully acknowledge that. However, I think the vast majority of abortions do not take place under these conditions. I'm not saying you're doing this, but when people try to paint all abortions as the equivalent to when women have been assaulted, I find that deeply unfair and emotionally manipulative.

Like imagine if people argued to legalize ALL murder by using the rare instances of when another person is directly threatening someone else's life? That would be a terrible argument. I can see why you selected those definitions though because they fit your narrative.

Some of what you shared, doesn't even tell the entire story. Children can be defined as "human offspring" which is factually what fetuses are. Children can also be defined as any human being under the age of puberty. Fetuses would also fit that description. Also, a pregnant woman is absolutely a parent. She can give up parental rights after birth if she wants. A man is also a parent when his wife is pregnant with their child.

They are the biological parents. Science will easily confirm this reality. Lastly, infants do not have self-awareness. Self-awareness develops later in life around a year to a year and a half after birth when the brain becomes more complex.

So, I hope it's very clear that with your logic, it would be okay to harm infants because they lack "self-awareness". It's not. Your standard of when a human being is actually a "child" worth protecting is ageist and discriminates against certain human beings based on their capabilities due to their age. Just because a child is less developed and younger, doesn't make them "less human" or "not a child".

I would say that infants have self-awareness as they are not indifferent to their enviroment, they will react differently to different people and places. Killing an embryo is no different to killing a one week old child when you realise it's a pain and you didn't want it. What distinguishes human life from the other life forms is not 'life' in its literal sense which is also be applied to any other organism that are technically alive but personhood, without it we would be no different than wild apes, right?

And I bet you are not a sort of apes activist and do not mourn when one dies, why, because apes lack personhood, so does an embryo, it merely have the potential to grow into a life that pocess an intelect, and it's the intelect which makes us humans, and that's why when someone's brain stops to function this person is considered dead even if they are technically alive but in a vegetative state.

Another relevant thing to say is that 'human life' again, in its literal sense precedes an embryo since the gametes are also technically 'alive' and 'human' in nature, then you may bring up that an embryo have its unique human DNA, and I say to that so have your bones after you die, a loose hair from your head, a drop of blood, a clipped piece of nail, dead skin, etc. Using your logic you could make a case that it's fine to murder infant babies because they are lacking in the personhood that mature humans have.

Using your logic you could make a case that it's fine to murder retarded people because they are lacking as well. Let's see They grow and mature into humans, just like babies do. Moral realtivism is a literally what criminals and other people who harm others use to justify their actions to themselves and others. Moral standards are very important.

Therefore, the mother and father are both liable for the life of the child that they have created. The child has been forced into this situation and is a completely innocent third-party. Why should they be punished? We know if we give women proper health care and support, we can make pregnancy overwhelmingly safe.

Again, that is very rare. The vast majority of the time abortion is deeply unjust. Morals are not relative. You have none and no comprehension of what they mean. The fact that you think women could just kill babies because "they don't want them" is on of the most mind blowing disgusting evil thoughts that a human could have. Morals are social constructs, if they were absolute and everyone in the world would agree upon a definition of morality from day 1 to this day and they would never differ between societies, just because of an ideology you may adhere as moral compass does not mean everyone share the same principles as you.

The fact that you even think morals are a social construct shows how out of touch with reality you are. Almost everything in life that allows society to function and not live in utter chaos is a "social construct". Yes, morals are technically "constructs" but morals or ideals are also the same things that give us the right to Free Speech, the right to live free from harm, the right to own our house, etc.

They also stop us from harming other people because we're all living in mutual moral constructs. So, we can hate on "morals" or "social constructs" all we want, but those are the very things which allow most people in our society to live free from just being murdered or allowing people to express themselves as they see fit. Somethings, however, are not social constructs. They are biological realities. And we KNOW the biological reality of when a new human's life begins. When a zygote is formed is when a new human being first comes into existence.

Everything else is a series of developmental stages that occur through out the lifespan of the human being. You can try to draw your morally relativistic lines of "personhood" at 24 weeks, "viability" or when there's a heartbeat, ect. But those constructs continually exclude a group of living human beings from the definition of "personhood" due to their stage in development. When I was fairly new to the game, I had a friend who told me about a fool-proof way of beating the game.

His system was based on the fact that there are 36 possible outcomes when rolling two dice, and only one of these outcomes is the number That means that the 12 occurs once every 36 rolls on average. This is a one roll bet on the 12 showing on the next roll that normally pays to This system worked for a while as do most betting systems.

However, as with all casino bets, there is a maximum on the amount that can be bet. My friend reached that maximum more than once. When that happened, the results were devastating. Unfortunately, with the same results. Even waiting for 50 rolls before starting the betting sequence did not produce enough wins to overcome the times it did not show for 60 rolls total.

Not only that, he found it was extremely boring waiting for 50 rolls before he could place a bet. He found out the hard way that betting systems simply do not work in the game of craps. The only way to gain an edge is to master dice control. It is difficult — extremely difficult. Most people do not have the patience or skill to become good enough to have an edge. Still, it is the only way that I know. What is a savvy craps player to do?

My advice is to bet smart and bet small. By betting smart, meaning making only bets with a low house edge you maximize your chances of becoming a winner. If you are not a winner, you lose the least amount possible. By betting small, the low house edge bets work on a smaller amount which reduces the losses. This allows your bankroll to last longer so you can enjoy the game longer.

These systems ultimately do not work. If you cannot develop an edge with a controlled throw, bet smart and bet low. May all your wins be swift and large, and your losses be slow and small. He is a regular contributor to top gaming magazines. Melissa A. Kaplan is the network's managing editor. If you would like to use this article on your website, please contact Casino City Press , the exclusive web syndication outlet for the Frank Scoblete Network. To contact Frank, please e-mail him at fscobe optonline.

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