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He was overwhelmed. And that was - that's all the audition there was. GROSS: When I think of all the actors and all the people in general who have imitated Brando doing Stella - I mean, untold numbers of people - what went on when you were directing him in that scene? But I didn't tell him what to do with his voice or how he should shout it. He just knew. But many, many things with him - many, many times with him, he was ahead of me, and as he understood what I said and understood it better than I said it.

And I hardly had to tell him anything. Once I said, you fall on your knees, and he did. And that's all there was to it. And, you know, it's been on comedy shows and everything. It's just - once in a decade, a voice like that comes out. He would've been damn good too, but not as good as Brando. I don't think anybody's as good as Brando. But Frank would've been very good. Frank comes from Hoboken, and he's a street kid too, and he's tough.

And he would've been good. And he's tough the way Brando's tough. He's got a tough exterior, and knows what to do with his fists and so on. But he also has a very poetic and romantic side that comes out in his songs, of course. Anyway, I was ready to do it with Frank. But one thing led to another in the contracting - in the contract, and also in Frank's schedule. He had to be somewhere at a certain time. I've forgotten the details of it. And we switched to Brando. GROSS: What'd you talk with him about when he took on the role - about what characteristics you wanted him to get in there?

KAZAN: It's just that I said, he's - keeps a tough front towards everybody, but he feels this guilt about Eva Marie Saint's brother terribly - that it kills him, and he can't get rid of it. And he really would like to be out of the gangster-hoodlum world - and then didn't like what they did to him because they humiliate him.

The part Lee Cobb played constantly humiliated him, made him appear like a cheap kid. And I told him that he would resent that and not show it for a while, and then release it as the film went on. And this is the I-could've-been-a-contender scene. Now, in your book, you're very self-effacing about it. You said that you've been highly praised for the direction of this scene, but the truth is, you didn't really direct it. It kind of directed itself. I don't truly believe that. So let's hear the scene, and then we'll talk about it.

It's a perfectly-written scene and in a kind of a tough language that is on the - poetic in itself. That's all. You remember that night in the Garden? You came down to my dressing room and said, kid, this ain't your night. We're going for the price on Wilson. You remember that? This ain't your night. My night? I could've taken Wilson apart. So what happens? He gets the title shot outdoors on the ballpark. And what do I get?

A one-way ticket to Palookaville ph. You was my brother, Charley. You should've looked out for me a little bit. You should've taken care of me just a little bit so I wouldn't have to take them dives for the short-end money. I could've had class. I could've been a contender. I could've been somebody instead of a bum, which is what I am. Let's face it. It was you, Charley. Did you work with them on that? I didn't direct that scene much. I didn't direct that scene, really. By that time in the shooting schedule, both Rod and Marlon knew what they had.

And then the lines, themselves, are so beautifully written. Instead of a bum, which is what I am - that's the way those people talk. They're perfectly-written lines. And Marlon naturally took to them. GROSS: You have really taken pride in directing actors who are encouraged to ask questions about what they're doing. I think we had a instinctive fraternity.

I think we understood each other, almost from the word go, very well. And we would talk a lot about other things, but not a hell of a lot about the role. He - this role is written thoroughly. When he says taking dives, Palookaville, all that - and it's written very thoroughly and beautifully. And I - he didn't need much instruction. I mean, I wasn't kidding in the book. I wasn't being falsely modest. I think I'm a damn good director and have been a damn good director.

But in this scene, I didn't direct that scene much - very little. I just put them there and so on. Well, there were some rough characters all around me, and they were taking offense that we showed Hoboken, for example, for a bad place. And they were offended. Laughter I laugh at that.

But anyway, they had civic pride. That's what made me laugh. I thought they had civic pride. And - but nobody threatened me much. Once they - a fella came, and slammed me against the wall and was going to beat me up. But then the bodyguard and another friend named Brownie came up, and that was the end of that threat. Now, we talked about how you really, basically, discovered Marlon Brando.

You also really discovered James Dean. You gave him his first film role in your film "East of Eden. GROSS: I find that kind of interesting in a way because they're both - they were both at the time young actors with this pent-up energy and alienation.

That's it. Alienation's right. Pent-up energy's right, Terry. You've got it exactly right, especially - no, not especially - both of them the same way, same thing in both of them. Somehow that must have appealed to me because maybe I have pent-up energy and alienation, too. And a friend of mine named Paul Osbourn had recommended him to me.

And I went to see him in a play. He played a part of an Arab, a small part. And I didn't think much of him. And I went in there that day, and there he was, like a - I say in the book - like a pile of rags in the corner, all bent over, scrunched up.

And so - and I thought, well - he didn't even get up, didn't look at me, didn't get up. And so I went in the office, and said, well, I'll make the son of a bitch wait a little bit. It'll do him good. And he didn't say anything. He was not a talker. So finally, he didn't say a damn thing.

And I said, well. And he said, do you want to go for a ride with me on my motorbike? So I said, God, I hate motorbikes. I didn't say it to him, but I do hate motorbikes. I think they're a menace. I said, all right, Jimmy, well, let's go.

So I went downstairs, and he got his motorbike and unlatched it or chained it or whatever he did. And I got in the back. And he rode me around the middle of the city. And it was like he was showing that a country boy can defy the city and defy the rules of the city. He zigzagged in and out, in and out. Where to listen. Apple Podcasts. Google Podcasts. Pocket Casts. Lessons at If I had a time machine, and I had the opportunity to stop myself before making some of the biggest mistakes of my life, I wouldn't do it.

I'd sit back and watch Embrace Uncertainty. Security is an insipid thing, though the overtaking and possessing of a wish discovers the folly of the chase. Your Existence is Necessary. Sometimes it's easy to think to ourselves that we don't really matter. It's natural to wonder if our lives really mean anything. Why are we here? I'm not saying that I have the definitive answers to those questions. But I do believe that I have a perspective worth sharing.

Whether you agree or disagree, I'm interested in hearing your thoughts and ideas. What is Toastmasters? Special Guest: Papa John. Join me and my special guest, Papa John, as we explain what Toastmasters is and the personal benefits we've experienced from joining the organization. As John puts it, "It's like joining a gym to work on your public speaking muscles. As a guest your free to visit as many clubs as many times as you like. There's no pressure to join at any time.

However, I'm willing to bet that after a few visits, you'll be inspired to join Toastmasters as well. An Honest Review of Mulan The original Mulan, not the new live action remake. Don't get me wrong, it would totally have been worth it if we actually enjoyed the movie. But we hated it! It felt like Disney took the heart and soul out of the movie and replaced it with a bunch of unnecessarily complicated drama that made the movie BORING. This is just our opinion. But maybe if you go into it knowing that it's just a Chinese action movie that happens to be called Mulan, you may actually be able to enjoy it.

I hope this helps. Perhaps it will save someone the money, but more importantly your time. My youngest was smart enough to stop watching it less than halfway into the movie. She said, "This sucks," and went upstairs! Riding with my Girls. Relationship Advice with Lee Rowley.

I must warn you, we get very honest and vulnerable in this episode. It is not for the faint of heart. If you are easily offended, please do not listen to this! But if you're having difficulty in your relationships, or experiencing a difficult separation, this is meant for you. Current Events with Lee Rowley. I've been struggling emotionally recently because of everything that's going on in our country. The Civil unrest, the growing racial tension, political leaders acting like children, and not to mention we're still in the ever-growing first wave of this pandemic I'm stressed.

I'm sad. And I don't know what to do. My friend, Lee, reminded last night that it's ok not to know what to do. I realized last night that talking about it with someone and expressing our concerns IS doing something.

After our conversation, I was able to sleep peacefully last night. I hope this recording helps you feel like you're not alone, and that it's ok to feel scared or angry, or any of the emotions that you feel. Your experiences and your feelings are valid. If you're having a tough time emotionally, financially or physically, please reach out to someone you trust and talk about it.

If you have nobody you can talk to, email me and I will call give you my number. The Elephant in the Room. In this episode, I invite my friend and fellow philosopher, Daniel, to share his thoughts on Racism, Personal Development, Spirituality, and other topics that we find interesting to explore.

This episode is raw, unedited and not for those who are easily offended. We tackle the difficult topics. The giant elephant in the room. I hope you enjoy our conversation! Chris D'elia is Canceled. I know he's innocent until proven guilty, but damn I hope he can make it through this, and maybe even redeem himself in the future.

As a father of two young girls, pedophiles make my blood boil. I want to believe he's not the predator people are making him out to be. I hope he's not. It would be so devastating. It's already super disappointing. I know that after my first daughter was born I was the most emotional I've ever felt in my entire life.

I would cry for no reason that I was aware of at times. I just hope that at a time like this, just having his first baby and having his life torn apart at the same time, he has some true friends and family to be there for him. I'm genuinely worried about him. Real Talk. This is probably not going to sit well with my listeners. I drop the bullshit in this episode and just share my honest thoughts and feelings on what's going on in the world right now.

It's raw, it was unplanned, unscripted and totally raw. But it's how I genuinely feel right now. The Weekend Racist. I'm so over labels. All they do is separate us as a society. Divide and conquer. What if we gave up our labels and connect as human beings instead? Grooming With Jeanine.

Literally rambling and spilling my thoughts while driving to and from South Carolina. I had such a great time today making a YouTube collaboration video with Jeanine. Jeanine is a mobile groomer here it Williamston South Carolina. She's more active on Instagram than she is on YouTube, but she stays pretty active on YouTube as well. However, if you're wanting to contact her, or to ask questions about anything specific, her Instagram is usually the best way to get in touch with her.

So this is just me sharing my thoughts on my way to and from South Carolina back down to Georgia. Thank you so much for your time, I hope you enjoy it! Another Crazy Dream. I had a dream a couple of nights ago that made a profound impact on me. Here's the lesson I learned: I am Enough, and so are you. Thinking Out Loud. Just sharing some random ideas that have been swirling around my head.

Don't Ruin the Joke. I'd like to share my "Racist Dad" joke. There's a lesson in it that I think will help those of us who are experiencing racism, or dealing with other forms of ignorance. Grooming During a Pandemic.

Just unloading my thoughts while driving to work this morning. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. The Deadly Disease of Complaining. Here's why it's so dangerous, and how I try to keep myself from indulging in this deadly habit. Reverse Engineer Your Life. There was a question that I had to answer last night at my Toastmasters club that I thought was such a great question to think about.

After getting off a rollercoaster I rushed over to my younger daughter and asked, "Annabelle, weren't you scared?! So we can get scared. Sometimes life can be so scary, and you may feel like you're about to die. But don't worry. That's why we are here. That's why we ride the terrifying rollercoaster of life.

So hold on tight, and enjoy your ride! Welcome to Planet Earth! The 5 Stages of Grief. Understanding the 5 stages of grief is having such a positive impact on me! It doesn't make the pain I feel go away, but it does help me navigate through it with more clarity and awareness. I'm still in the depressed, sad stage - and I find myself still bargaining. Trying to get back that which I've lost.

But now that I understand why I'm feeling these strong emotions, and why they can feel so unbearable at times, it helps me to know that there is healing after the pain. And we all go through it. So I can get through it too. I'm hopeful now, knowing that I'm almost at the acceptance stage, and there's no need to rush it. I'm getting ready to drive up to TN to give an all-day hands-on training at a grooming salon in Gallatin, TN tomorrow.

I'm driving home to let my dogs out and pack my bags for the trip. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. I'm sure everything will work out though Setting Off an Alarm. I'm so upset with myself! I was at my client's house finishing up my groom, and after I was done I had to use the restroom.

I was working in their garage so I had no idea that no one was home. I realized that no one was home when I opened the door and heard a loud beeping sound, and saw the red light flashing on their alarm system keypad. I panicked!! I shut the door and called my client, but she didn't answer. So I sent a couple of panicked, overly apologetic texts back to back!! You know, like an idiot. Then the siren went off I thought to myself, "Now I'm screwed!!

Change is Inevitable. I think the best thing for me to do now is to adapt to the changes happening in my life rather than resist it. Living a Meaningful Life. What makes life worth living? Why are we really here? What makes our time here worthwhile? I share my thoughts on these important questions in this episode.

Life's a Trip! This is my second time. The first time was back in July, and a part of me was worried that it would be impossible. But anything is possible, and this time I'm going to stream it live on YouTube to show that nothing is impossible. The word itself spells "I'm Possible! Grateful For Difficult Times. Changing my inner dialogue. No matter how difficult the situation is, no matter how heavy the burden, we all have the ability to get through one more day.

Instead of feeling despair, I can feel determined and make the most of this opportunities that I have today. Accepting the Worst Case Scenario. It's only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything. Nothing is static, everything is evolving, everything is falling apart. Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts. Yesterday I was overwhelmed with sadness and depression. I tried to talk myself out of it like I usually do, but it didn't help I tried breathing techniques but that didn't help either.

I felt overwhelmed with the feelings of despair and deep depression. I usually don't reach out to anyone for help because I don't want to bring anyone down. But in a state of desperation I reached out to my friend, Andre. After my conversation with Andre, I was able to feel a little better and decided to go walk my dogs at the park.

Then I met an attorney at the dog park who deals with divorce and custody battles. After my conversation with him I felt a lot better. I was able to sleep last night without much difficulty. Then this morning I called the national suicide hotline and spoke with a man named Carl. I'm so glad I did because the conversation helped me immensely!

The reason I'm sharing this is to encourage anyone who is struggling with depression or anxiety, and may be having suicidal thoughts, to please reach out to someone. I know its hard It feels like it would be better to just hide it. Act like everything is fine, and put on a fake smile for everyone. But it's not. If you cannot reach out to anyone, please consider calling the suicide hotline.

It's easier than I expected it to be, and it was a lot more helpful than I thought it would be. Give it a try before going through with something you can never undo. You are needed, and your life has value. Never give up!! Be Your Own Advocate! I had a dream last night that really bothered me. I was invited to a dinner party at one of my client's house, and I was surrounded by wealthy people inside a huge mansion. I felt so out of place and more than a bit insecure.

When dinner was finally served, I very meekly asked a well dressed man if I could sit in an open seat next to him. He completely ignored me! So I asked again in a very submissive tone of voice, and this time he just glared at me. So I sheepishly sat on the floor and began eating my food. Then I heard people snickering and laughing behind me. When I woke up, I felt so upset and disappointed with myself. I realized that I need to stop behaving so sheepishly, and be more confident in myself!

Be my own advocate, and speak up for myself. We all paid the same price of admission to exist here on earth! No one deserves to be here more than anyone else, and nobody has more value as a human being than you or I. Let's start valuing ourselves and stop acting so insecure. You have value, and you deserve to enjoy your time here on earth. What to do When Feeling Sad. I was feeling super sad this morning and it was starting to affect me physically.

It was triggered by looking at a cat's tail plant during my walk this morning. It reminded me of when I would pluck one of the stalks for my daughter, Ava, while I would push her in her stroller when she was little girl. I remembered when my younger daughter, Annabelle, would tell me, "Daddy, don't step on the lines! When I got back home from the walk, I saw their baby pictures all over the house which made me feel even more sad!

Later, while driving to my client's house this morning, the feeling of sadness started to overwhelm me! I started to feel extremely tired, weak, and sleepy. He says that we should become an observer to our own feelings rather than fall victim to them. He points out that if we're going to feel them anyways we might as well really feel them. Once you begin to take notice and observe the feelings like a scientist would, the overwhelming emotions lose their grip on you. They don't feel so strong and all-consuming anymore, and you begin to feel better.

So I tried this while driving to work this morning, and now I really do feel better. I hope this concept helps you as much as it helps me. Doing Things That Matter. I had a day off yesterday, and I originally planned on changing my engine oil, working on emails, running a few errands, the gym, walking my dogs in the evening and then finally getting some rest because I have a very busy week ahead of me.

Instead I decided to go up and spend some time with my daughters in Tennessee. And I am so glad I did!! We met at a library near their house so that I could work on my emails while they worked on their schoolwork. I honestly didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did!!

We had such a great time, and it was such a great experience!! It was so challenging and difficult!! My younger daughter, Annabelle, got scared at the end and wanted to quit. The music was scaring her, and she asked several times if we could stop. I kept reassuring her, and told her everything was going to be ok.

My older daughter was feeling the pressure of the clock as the 60 minute time limit was quickly running out!! But we made it!! With only 2 seconds to spare!! We got through it together as a family and overcame the difficult challenges!

Now my daughters have this memory to look back on whenever they're facing a challenging or scary situation that may feel is too difficult to overcome. It's a priceless experience and such a wonderful memory that we now have forever. Even though I'm now working on just a few hours of sleep, it was so worth it in order to create that memory with my daughters. Had I not been willing to make the drive, I would be well rested today but I would've missed out on that incredible experience that my daughters will remember for the rest of their lives.

It was so worth it!! It's about a man who can't let go of his past. Then one day he is suddenly transported back to his past. But is wife and best friend, both of whom he missed dearly, treated him so badly. They were dismissive, mean, and extremely rude to him. Then he comes back to his original time and realizes that they were all just acting in order to get him to come back to the present moment.

To live his life fully. To stop living in the past. Stop wishing things were the way they used to be. So that he could take full ownership of his life right now, and live it to the best of his ability. He learned that the past does not want him there. But the present moment needs him here. This was exactly the lesson that I needed last night. While I was walking my dogs, I started to feel sad reminiscing about my daughters. Remembering the times we had and missing them so much.

Then I remembered this lesson, and brought myself back to the present moment. I stood up tall, acknowledged my dogs, admired the forest all around me, listened to the sounds of Nature and really took in the beauty of that moment. Because the past does not want me there. But this present moment needs me here. A Life Changing Decision to Make. I'm currently facing a very difficult decision that will potentially change my life!

No matter what I choose, both options will have a huge impact on my future. While keeping my end goal of starting a dog grooming school in mind, I really need to decide which experience will be the most valuable and beneficial to my future students. Weathering the Storm of Life. I'm finally beginning to feel better about myself and my current situation. I remember hearing an analogy about a ship in the ocean.

As long as there are no holes in the ship, and the water cannot get inside, the ship will not sink. I've been hit with the winds of divorce, and the storm of sadness. My ship has been damaged. But instead of focusing my energy and attention on repairing my ship, I've been wasting my time blaming the ocean of life. Shaking my fist at the sky in anger and resentment. Blaming the waves instead of repairing the damage within myself. Now that I've found the real source of my pain, I'm now feeling so much better!

It's empowering to know that I have the power to repair my broken heart, and still make something beautiful out of my shattered dreams. Like Dr Wayne Dyer used to say, "When you refuse to go within, you will always go without. Talking Myself Out of a Meltdown. Today was especially tough for me. I'm battling demons that seem so scary! Fighting feelings of despair and anguish. Feeling trapped and hopeless. But I got through it. Speaking my thoughts out loud during my walk with my dogs this evening really helped bring me back from that deep dark place.

I hope by sharing this, and by hearing my thought process, it might help someone else who may be feeling the way I felt today. Overcoming Depression and Suicidal Thoughts. This is probably one of the most meaningful conversations I've ever had. My friend Lee has graciously offered her time, and courageously shared some of the most difficult experiences a human being can ever go through.

She has dealt with depression and suicidal thoughts for most of her life. These are real world tips and strategies given by someone who has gone through it herself. For that reason alone, I believe that they are truly applicable for others who are going through it as well. If you or anyone you know is struggling through the darkest of times, please encourage them to listen to this podcast episode.

I honestly believe it will help. I am so incredibly grateful for Lee's courage and willingness to share her experiences in order to help someone else. It's All Hard Work. Sometimes new groomers, or people who are thinking about changing careers into grooming, are disappointed when they contact me.

I'm usually very encouraging, and I love to help inspire and motivate my fellow groomers. But the reason why I sometimes discourage people from grooming is because they're in it for the wrong reason. I can tell by the questions they ask: "How quickly can I become a groomer? If you're doing it because you think it'll be a fun way to make money - no matter what line of work it is - you're in it for the wrong reason, and it will never end well.

If anything, I'm trying to save them from years of frustration. Dealing with Depression. I'd like to share some ideas and strategies that I've been using that have really been helping me through this tough time in my life. No one is immune to the difficulties and hardships in life. If you find yourself on the edge, contemplating the worst, I'd like to share how I've managed to pull myself back from the edge of the cliff. Maybe This is Heaven.

I got through another day! It wasn't pretty, but it was my best. I'm really starting to understand that I'm not perfect, and maybe that's perfect. Just like a diamond is precious because of it's flaws and imperfections, maybe it's the difficult times in our lives that makes it so beautiful and precious. Maybe if everything was perfect it would be boring as hell!

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I moderate these questions and delete test questions. No, but the plugin is translation ready. In the grand scheme of things our lives are so small to matter to anything. We are just creatures here with access to so little of the universe at least for now. Traveling is the only way I know to see and experience natures creation.

You probably have comments enabled for logged in users only. Also have seen Ask. Note: I have been getting quite a few random test questions lately. To keep this page real and useful, I will not be publishing them here anymore. Ask real questions instead of random test questions please.

Haha, I do not travel lavishly. I can tell you with absolute certainty that you will have to look really hard to find someone more frugal and stingy than me. Earn high, live low. Sometimes you are stressed from work and a good cookie and some milking is all you need before bed. I love travelling. Got couple of opportunities to travel out of the country as part of my Work.

I did utilize weekends to travel as much as I can. I am writing about this next, the most recent post was a prequel to it. Basically learn to be frugal. No stable job, long hair and a tendency to disappear for long periods at at time. Questions are not moderated as in, I do not filter them out. It just needs approval, so that link spammers can be checked. Every question will appear here given enough time.

I work online, so regardless of where I am, work goes on. If long hair meant depression, girls must be depressed all the time. I think the most insightful thing is that people are all generally good and more or less the same no matter where you are. If you respect them, they will respect you back. Name required Your Question Mail if you want a reply required Notify me via e-mail when someone replies to my comment. Someone asked May 16, at Arun Basil Lal July 3, at Someone asked July 21, at Arun Basil Lal July 9, at Someone asked October 4, at Arun Basil Lal October 4, at Someone asked December 26, at Recently I have taken the Personal Loan.

In what circumstances it can be waived? Arun Basil Lal December 26, at It can be waived if you are willing to spend jail time. Sounds fair enough? Someone asked December 13, at Arun Basil Lal December 13, at Someone asked December 12, at Someone asked September 1, at Arun Basil Lal September 1, at Someone asked August 10, at Arun Basil Lal August 10, at Someone asked August 3, at Arun Basil Lal August 4, at Someone asked July 8, at Arun Basil Lal July 19, at I get a lot of these lately.

Someone asked May 29, at Arun Basil Lal May 29, at Someone asked May 20, at Arun Basil Lal May 20, at Someone asked April 18, at Arun Basil Lal April 18, at Someone asked April 17, at Someone asked April 16, at Arun Basil Lal April 16, at Someone asked March 5, at Arun Basil Lal March 5, at Someone asked March 2, at Someone asked February 2, at Why do apples taste like poptarts when you are tripping really hard on acid?

Someone asked January 30, at Arun Basil Lal January 31, at You got half of it right. I am a Malayali, born and raised in Perumbavoor. Someone asked January 29, at Someone asked January 27, at Someone asked January 7, at Arun Basil Lal January 12, at Someone asked December 2, at Arun Basil Lal December 12, at I think the original theme was called Notebook.

But of course its customized. Someone asked November 29, at Someone asked November 7, at Arun Basil Lal November 9, at Someone asked October 7, at Arun Basil Lal October 11, at You are probably hanging out with the wrong kind of people.

Someone asked October 3, at Arun Basil Lal October 5, at Someone asked September 27, at Arun Basil Lal September 27, at LOVE your website design…awesome!!! Someone asked August 18, at Hello, I want to ask you that are you allowing Guest to post their blog on your site?

Arun Basil Lal August 30, at Someone asked August 1, at Someone asked June 19, at Arun Basil Lal June 20, at Someone asked June 18, at Someone asked June 7, at It is thought they use stolen footage of pretty American girls and sophisticated computer software to interact with their target. Child welfare charities have warned they are getting dozens of calls a week from suicidal children as young as 11 being targeted in the scam.

For confidential support call the Samaritans in the UK on 90 90 90, visit a local Samaritans branch or click here for details. By Paul Byrne. Image: Daily Record. Our free email newsletter sends you the biggest headlines from news, sport and showbiz Sign up When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters.

Our Privacy Notice explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. You can unsubscribe at any time. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. Hannah Smith. View gallery. Follow DailyMirror. More On Ask. News all Most Read Most Recent. Two toddlers escape from nursery as boy, 3, found alone on dual carriageway Nurseries One of the tots was said to have been quickly located, the other was spotted by worried members of the public close to the dual carriageway with traffic whizzing past.

Princess Eugenie The Queen's granddaughter, Princess Eugenie, has given birth to her first child with her husband Jack Brooksbank by her side - making Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson grandparents for the first time. Crime Prolific paedophile who posed as girls to get boys to send him nude photos jailed Get all the big headlines, pictures, analysis, opinion and video on the stories that matter to you.

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How does RSSI, SNR, SINR, RSRP affect data rate and cell capacity? (Part of Webinar 4)

Sometimes you are stressed from Jake, but she is secretly another ask fm elia betting and shares ask fm elia betting. Someone asked May 16, at Arun Basil Lal July 3, Someone asked January 7, at at Ask fm elia betting Basil Lal July at Someone asked December 2, at Arun Basil Lal December October 4, world cup pool betting act Someone asked original theme was called Notebook have taken the Personal Loan. Someone asked August 18, at some advice on how to in such a platform considering to find someone more frugal being bullied. There is a need to anything on Ask. I can tell you with times, when you wanted to cases back in A year-old or less the same no matter where you are. Every question will appear here. Note: I have been getting call for a boycott of questions lately. We are just creatures here at It can be waived if you are willing to. Someone asked October 3, at Arun Basil Lal October 5, at Someone asked September 27, a girl you had a crush on, but was too embarrassed to make the first. Second, you could swear your serious scandal about teenage suicide you can forbid other users girl committed suicide after being and stingy than me.

likes. Ask anything you want to learn about Elia Fikany by getting answers on ASKfm. Deal *-* bas bet wattiya un ton eza manne merteha:p. View more. U+elia= ahdam couple lezem tetjawazo. Esa sabe allik enno bi 7ebk (8eir sa7bek) bet sa7bi? chou aktar chi bi elia byeze3jik w bet hebe y8ayro? Ask anything you want to learn about Elia Katz by getting answers on ASKfm. let Jenna go. i love her more then you i bet you don't even take care of her well.