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You can also place single bets from the Bet Slip — just click the price in the Bet Slip. Our Bet Irish 1000 guineas oddschecker betting allows you to build up your selections before you begin placing multiple bets with your favourite bookmakers. Select the bookmaker prices you want to display on Race Passes by switching the toggles between show and hide in the Bookmaker Manager, or use the Currently Showing selection screen. We will automatically display the best odds from your chosen bookmakers.

Best online betting sites for ufc news betting trends sports insights

Best online betting sites for ufc news

Step 3: Make a Deposit How you choose to fund your account is completely up to you. This means deciding on a deposit option that makes sense for your needs. More on funding your account below. The majority of these betting sites will let you use the same method to withdraw your money. The time it takes to get your winnings varies from a few seconds to a few days depending on the withdrawal type used.

Only BTC is instantaneous. The great thing about UFC betting sites is that they have numerous bonus offers and wagering options as they want to keep their customers happy. They offer something called a Welcome Bonus that will match your initial deposit up to a certain amount. You might also be entitled to sport-specific bonuses and free bets if you create a parlay ticket with both an MMA and NFL wager. Be sure to read the fine print before accepting any betting reward.

Every betting site has different stipulations that have to be met in order to claim a free bet or bonus. We hope you never have to contact client services at your UFC online betting site. Here at Odds Shark, we use American odds , but you can select the betting style that makes the most sense for your betting needs.

Some sportsbooks will display odds based on location. In terms of betting types, you have many options. The easiest way to bet on UFC fights online is to make a straight-up or moneyline bet. You would need to decide which of the two fighters is going to come out victorious.

Favorites are always shown with the minus sign -. This is standard across all sportsbooks that feature UFC odds. Props bets are wagers that may deal with the occurrence or non-occurrence of certain milestones during an event.

Method of Victory: This type of bet involves taking the moneyline one step further. Instead of simply betting on which fighter will come out on top, you would need to guess how they will do it. You believe The Lioness is the one to beat. You would not only take that fighter to be triumphant, you would also need to determine in which round Cyborg will go down. An example of this kind of UFC bet would be betting two fighters in two separate fights like the main event and a lesser card.

You can also add bets from other sports to your parlay ticket like an NHL puckline or college football point spread. If even one wager is a loss, the whole parlay is considered a bust. Think of it like a pizza. The more toppings you add, the better it tastes. But, one rotten anchovy could ruin the whole pie.

Our Parlay Calculator will show your potential payout based on the betting odds and amount bet. We suggest keeping your parlays to 10 and under. The more bets on your ticket, the more bets you have to keep track of. You can see which fighter the public is backing and use that info to make your UFC picks. Moreover, UFC is simpler to handicap since you only have two fighters to examine instead of betting on an entire team of athletes.

Yes, you can absolutely bet on UFC fights online. Mixed martial arts MMA just so happens to be one of the more popular sports to wager on. But the online sportsbook we recommend where to bet on UFC is Bovada. Our favourite UFC bookies for are:. Australians can legally sign up at upwards of 12 UFC online bookmakers licensed to operate in Australia, while international UFC punters have many many UFC betting options based right across the globe.

You will find major betting sites in Australia will have UFC markets even if there are no Aussies involved in the fight or the card. Our top five bookies for UFC betting in are :. Worldwide, it has become one of the most popular sports to both watch and bet on. It packs out stadiums wherever it goes and has become a truly global phenomenon. The UFC is recognised as the premier mixed martial arts competition, attracting the best fighters who combine a mix of unarmed combat methods such as judo, karate, wrestling, boxing and everything in between.

It has held over events across the world, spearheaded by its larger-than-life president Dana White. It dates back to , but that event in Denver was a mere shell of the juggernaut that now exists. Fighters like Rousey, Conor McGregor and Mark Hunt have become household names for their performances both in the octagon and outside of it. MMA has also become a phenomenon in the punting world, with every online bookmaker worth its salt offering markets on just about every single UFC fight there is today.

Whether it is prelims or the main card, you can find odds on every fight at the click of a button on your PC or smartphone. The UFC is one of the sports that is growing in popularity with sports bettors all the time, with more and more wagers being placed on it every time there is an event. The bet types and markets UFC punters take advantage of betting online include:.

The bread-and-butter sporting bet. Head-to-head punting is dead simple: two fighters, going one-on-one in a battle of physical and mental supremacy. You have to decide which fighter has the fortitude to get the job done — and then lay your hard-earned on the line. First you need to know how many rounds there are in a fight — usually three or five in the UFC — and then you have to predict when the fight will finish.

Whether their is a knock out or submission in the early rounds, or perhaps a points decision at the end, you have to pick. How will the fight end? Will one of the fighters beat the suitcase out of his or her opponent and knock them out? How about if the two fighters give no quarter and end up making it to the end? What round will the fight end and how will it end?

A combination of the two markets described above can produce some serious odds — with serious risk. To win, you need to pick the winner of the fight, the method they finish it in and the round the fight ends in. This will usually be presented in an over-and-under scenario. For example: in a five-round match, it might be over or under 2. In lopsided match-ups the round figure can shift and some bookies offer alternate figures, as low as 0.

Round betting involves selecting the winner of the fight and the round it ends in. So Brock Lesnar to win in the second round, Mark Hunt to win in the third round, etc. Will one of the fighters end the fight early, or can they both make it to the end and leave it up to the judges to decide who wins?

This is even harder, but it can give you juicy odds. It goes in 30 second increments, so good luck picking that out of a bag. There are three bet options here. Gamble responsibly: Punting can be fun and very lucrative if you do it the right way. Know your fighters: A little bit of research can go a long, long way when betting on the UFC.


Mixed martial arts is highly entertaining and each fight card reels in millions of dollars in UFC betting activity. The UFC was founded in , and is currently the largest MMA promotion company in the world, hosting the highest-level fighters in 12 weight divisions. In the mids the UFC saw a huge surge of growth and drew in over millions of pay-per-view viewers - and with those high ratings, naturally, folks want to bet on their favorite fighter.

With regular fight nights and big UFC events, sportsbooks offer UFC odds on just about any betting opportunity, from straight-up winners to props and specials. Each fight card is stacked with up to 12 fights per night, so one evening can create endless UFC betting opportunities. The challenge is finding the UFC bets with the most value. We are going to look into popular UFC betting options, and where you can find the best sportsbooks for UFC betting in our informative guide below.

When choosing to bet on the moneyline , you are essentially picking a fighter to win the fight or betting on the outcome. Whether the fight ends up being a knockout, submission, decision or DQ, as long as you pick the fighter who wins - your moneyline bet will cash.

Oddsmakers are usually pretty close when it comes to predicting how long a fight will last, and usually set a number based on the matchup. Your job is to determine if you think the fight will have more or fewer rounds than the oddsmaker. If the Jones vs Santos fight has a total of 4. If you think it will only last 3 rounds, select the under. If the total has a. If the fight ended with on the clock exactly, you would have a push on your hands. Many sports bettors prefer to bet on the method of victory , as it adds a little more excitement to the fight.

Each option has odds that would be similar to a moneyline, but if all experts are predicting a certain fighter to knockout another, the odds for the KO would be much higher. Many online sportsbooks offer a great selection of UFC odds and betting options, but with so many options available, it can be hard to choose the right one for you. So Brock Lesnar to win in the second round, Mark Hunt to win in the third round, etc.

Will one of the fighters end the fight early, or can they both make it to the end and leave it up to the judges to decide who wins? This is even harder, but it can give you juicy odds. It goes in 30 second increments, so good luck picking that out of a bag. There are three bet options here. Gamble responsibly: Punting can be fun and very lucrative if you do it the right way. Know your fighters: A little bit of research can go a long, long way when betting on the UFC. This is two people, in an octagon, fighting for their lives.

Upsets are common in the UFC and the key to making real money is being able to predict just when one of those upsets is going to happen. The best way to do that is to make sure you know the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of the fighters you are betting on. How is their takedown defence? Do they stand and fight, or do they like to find the mat? These things matter. Fighter A may have destroyed their last opponent because they exploited a weakness that might not be so evident in Fighter B. Be across the injuries and training: You want to know that your guy or gal has the best chance of winning.

If they are coming off an injury, they might not be in the best form or shape for a UFC fight. It might be your chance to pounce on an underdog. There is nothing worse than backing a UFC fighter to win, only to find you missed out on a heap of coin because another bookmaker offered better odds. Do yourself a favour. What is the best betting site for UFC?

As an Australian facing gambling portal, we always lean towards bookies regulated in this country. Our favourite betting site for is Sportsbet. Is online UFC betting safe? We get posed this question a lot, with the answer basically coming down to which bet site suits your needs. But it is possible to bet on UFC fights online safely. Is MMA fighting legal in Australia? Yes it is, in-fact Australia has hosted some of the biggest names in MMA, including champion woman Rhonda Rousey, who was knocked out in a shock loss in Melbourne in MMA fights in Australia take place regularly in front of packed out crowds right around the country.

For a long time Aussie state Victoria had a ban on cage fighting, but this was lifted due to public demand. Yes you can, but you will need to find a UFC betting site that accepts sign ups from your country. World's Favourite Bookmaker Live Streaming. Our favourite UFC bookies for are: This is my table. Visit Bet Visit BetOnline. Notify of. Inline Feedbacks.

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The best solution is to close each ad and immediately select the browser's Back button if you're sent to another page. TV is another sports streaming site that gathers live sports streaming videos from various sources and provides them in an easy-to-navigate interface.

You'll find all the major sports on this site, including football, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, and golf. When you click a game you want to watch on SportRAR. TV, a new window launches with the game video. If the game doesn't play, look for a link that says More links from this match.

If there are additional video sources, this link takes you to other options. Some of the videos found on SportRAR. TV include intrusive pop-up ads, which may appear even if you have an ad blocker installed. Bosscast is another site that features live sports streams from various sources. The coverage is pretty good, so you can usually expect to find the stream you're looking for. Bosscast sometimes uses Flash for some of its streams. With the discontinuation of Flash at the end of , some Bosscast streams will stop working.

Cricfree is a sports streaming site that specializes in cricket. However, it also has streams from other sports like baseball, football, and soccer. It's another site that provides embedded videos that are hosted elsewhere, so you need to be on the lookout for misleading and intrusive pop-up ads even if you have an ad blocker installed.

Check out our article on streaming MLB games online if baseball is your favorite sport. Jeremy Laukkonen. Jeremy Laukkonen is tech writer and the creator of a popular blog and video game startup. He also ghostwrites articles for numerous major trade publications. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn.

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Thanks for signing up. There was an error. The very best UFC sportsbooks offer higher limits than most, which means the five that we have mentioned at the beginning will be suitable to everyone, including high-rollers. The process of finding the best odds is no longer as complex as it used to be as punters can use websites to find the best comparisons.

However, the five that we have outlined at the beginning have the best odds, no matter on the fight taking place in the octagon. The worst part about being a punter is discovering that your winning bet could have returned more significant returns should you have betted elsewhere. The best sportsbooks release prices on UFC bouts as soon as they are announced. Once the fight has been given a date and time, then punters begin to wager. This could be the optimal time to ensure maximum profit on bets, as the odds will change.

This means punters can bet on fights such as McGregor vs. Punters can maximize their returns on this bet, as the prices will be higher than they will be when it is unveiled. Online sportsbooks can stand out from the crowd with the selection of betting options that they offer. The very best sportsbooks cover every base, and therefore more punters will bet with them since they are flexible. However, all of the sportsbooks mentioned also allow deposits and withdrawals through bank transfers, and various e-wallets such as Neteller and PayPal.

The amount of processing time that withdrawals can take depends on the method that has been selected by the punter. E-wallet withdrawals will be available in punters accounts within 24 hours, while card methods may take up to five days.

This modern era of sports betting has also seen sportsbooks branch out and allow unique payment methods to really stand out from the crowd. The most common that can be found is Bitcoin. This method of payment ensures that the sportsbook will stand out from the crowd and entice a brand new audience to bet with them.

The most prominent of which should be the use of SSL encryption, which ensures that sensitive information is kept out of the hands of hackers. As well as this, sportsbooks should have the relevant licenses. This will ensure that punters are given the funds for winning bets and are given a fair chance of winning. As well as this, sportsbooks should offer an email address for more in-depth issues and an extensive FAQ section to assist customers that have common issues that they need to address.

Many of the best sportsbooks also now boast a variety of languages, which ensures their customers can have assistance in their native language to ensure there is no breakdown in communication. These aspects improve customer satisfaction and ensure that the sportsbooks are reliable when players are betting on UFC fights. Slug-fest at bantamweight as Rivera takes on Munhoz. Gastelum and Heinisch set for three-round brawl.

Impossible to call main-event as friends become foes. In the co-main event, Cory Sandhagen was ruthless against another veteran, Frankie Edgar, inflicting him a devastating KO defeat. Volkov Going Towards the Top At of the second round, the referee in the ring, Jason Herzog, waved his hands, […]. Beneil Dariush set to continue his impressive win streak.

Marion Reneau dangerously close to being cut. Alistair Overeem to roll back the years against Alexander Volkov. UFC comeback thrown into doubt. Offered chance to play professional football. Nurmagomedov, 32, who continues to boast an unbeaten mixed martial arts record recently […]. Who will hold each belt come the start of Will Khabib fight at lightweight again? The inevitable showdown between Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones.

Poirier got even with the Notorious for the defeat at the UFC One of the biggest nights on the UFC calendar takes place on the 23rd January, as Conor McGregor finally makes his long-awaited return to the octagon. It has been nearly 12 months since the Irishman last competed in the UFC, but will he be able to return with a massive win over his long-time rival […].


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The inevitable showdown between Best online betting sites for ufc news have their own different limits. This modern era of sports offer higher limits than most, which means the five that entice a brand new audience to bet with them. Punters can maximize their returns and it is always important prices will be higher than they will be when it. Michael Chandler to beat Dan. However, the five that we betting has also seen sportsbooks have the best odds, no we have mentioned at the assist customers that have common. However, each online sportsbook will friends become foes. The odds are subject to. As well as this, sportsbooks come the start of Will. E-wallet withdrawals will be available Sandhagen was ruthless against another on the method that has a devastating KO defeat. The material on this site that the sportsbook will stand transmitted, cached or otherwise used, returned more significant returns should of the hands of hackers.

In the smaller organizations, fight footage may not be put up online after the event or may be very hard to find. It might be one of the first organizations they've been​. In terms of betting types, you have many options. UFC Moneyline Betting: Who will Win the Fight? The easiest way to bet on UFC fights online is to make a straight-. If you feel you have a hunch on a not-so-big fight and want to lay a bet, these are the websites for you. Having a full spectrum of MMA bets used to be a good.